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Event: Streaming Media East 2009
Title: Making Effective Online Video for Education |

Description: The tools for making video are becoming increasingly accessible and easy-to-use. But when it comes to providing quality education, simply making video is not enough. To be truly useful, video must not detract from the content, and ideally should enhance it. In this panel, experts in the field will discuss methods and tips for producing programs that make the most of online video’s advantages in order
to create a better learning experience.
Speakers: (Moderator) Paul Riismandel , Director of Curriculum Support, School of Communication, Northwestern University
Tony Klejna, CEO/CSO, High Park Media, LLC
Chris Jennings, Assistant Professor, Technical Communications and Media Production, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Justin Beckwith, Software Architect, Carnegie Mellon University

Event: Streaming Media West 2008
Title: Beyond the Classroom: Reaching a Global and Mobile Audience with Elearning
| Flash Media |
Description: Today's students expect more than a classroom lecture. They expect to be able to access course content and the entire universe of related archival and research material from anywhere, at any time. Learn what top universities and corporate training departments are doing to keep up with the demands and expectations of these students. This forum will discuss the tools and best practices for delivering elearning in the age of broadband, IPTV, iPods, and instant access.
Speakers: (Moderator) Jeff Hanley, Manager, Multimedia Corporate Learning Center, KLA-Tencor
Tony Klejna, Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning, Daemen College
Thomas Delaney, Associate Dean for Information Technology, CIO, NYU School of Law
Ralph Merkel, Producer, Director, Instructor, University of Louisville

Event: Streaming Media West 2007
Title: Marketing Your Institution with Media
| Flash Media |
Description: Online video has been well adopted by the corporate world. The ROI is getting better, and the toolsets are leading to rapid development of media assets. But while corporations are using web video as a targeted marketing tool to drive customers to their businesses, academia has yet to embrace this opportunity to drive student enrollment. Learn how and why several of the major institutional areas can benefit from online video and explore why educational institutions should be using online media as a marketing and institutional growth tool.
Speakers: (Moderator) Tony Klejna, Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning, Daemen College
David Kurz, Senior Web Developer, Ohio University
Paul DiDonno, Strategic Director of Educational Marketing,
Pete Deutschman, Founder, The Buddy Group
Scott Nadzan, Information Technology Director, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University

Event: Streaming Media West
Title: Streaming In The University: Beyond Distance Learning
| Windows Media High |
Description: Educational institutions have long been a testing ground for technological breakthroughs that change the way we work and learn. Hear what is being done today in educational research and applications that can transfer to the corporate world. Learn how education institutions are using streaming for more than just distance learning, and how enterprises can take their cue from academia by using streaming technology to enhance learning and corporate training initiatives.

Moderator: Tony Klejna, Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning, Daemen College
Dave Gardy, Chairman and CEO,, Inc.
Jeff Schneider, CEO,

Event: Streaming Media East
Title: Streaming & Video Conferencing Technology (C102)
| Windows Media High |
Description: Streaming & Video Conferencing Technology (C102) Moderator - Tony Klejna; Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning, Daemen College
George Charpied, Developer, Accenture
Ken Szczepanski, President, Veraview, LLC
Beth Fellendorf, SUNY Buffalo
In this presentation technologists describe how they use videoconferencing and streaming at their institutions. The video streaming industry is represented by Ken Szcepanski who compares teleconferencing and media streaming and explains the different technologies.

Event: Live Webcast of Streaming Media East 2006 Conference & Exposition in New York City on May 23-24, 2006
Title: Rich Media & the Road to Convergence
| Windows Media High |
Description: Moderator: Tony Klejna, Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning, Daemen College
Mike Gordon, Co-Founder & CSO, Limelight Networks
Peter Price, President and CEO, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Event: Live Webcast of Streaming Media East 2007 Conference & Exposition in Hilton New York, NY
Title: Mobile Streaming: Development, Deployment, and Distribution
| Windows Media High |

Description: While rapid progress is being made, hurdles remain to the widespread adoption of mobile streaming. How is the streaming industry developing and repurposing content for mobile streaming? What formats and tool sets are available? Are there emerging standards for the efficient creation and distribution of content? This panel of industry experts will explore the current state of mobile streaming and provide insights into future developments.
Speakers Moderator: Tony Klejna, Director, Educational Technology & Distance Learning, Daemen College
DeWayne Nelon, President and CEO, Ortiva Wireless
Ian Blaine, CEO, thePlatform
John Zehr, VP, Digital Video and Mobile Production, ESPN
Salil Dalvi, GM, Wireless Platforms, NBC Universal









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A college in New York...

A brief video tour of Daemen College in New York.

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Using Video Marketing...

Interactive video marketing is one of the fastest-growing interactive sectors. Digital and traditional broadcasters and marketers are changing their ideas of formats and strategies and are learning to work with interactive video technologies to produce and distribute compelling, effective content.

Reasons why you should be using online videos in your marketing strategy:

Video content drives news. Posting a video in response to a crisis or release a brand-flattering video can potentially
generate news online that could translate into primetime broadcast coverage.

Search engines find the video. Increase your chances of reaching your target audiences by getting your video
messages included in search results.

It's what people are watching. If a marketer can get a message out through video, there's potential it will be
distributed on iPods, homepages, mobile devices, and social networking sites.

Your video goes viral.
Every marketer wants their message to be what people are talking about, and utilizing video is a great way to reach this goal. Video is easily dispersed to peers and can be accessed and posted on multiple

Archival video of Nokia Wireless Futures Lab

Archival video from the Nokia Wireless Futures Lab